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My name is Iliana, and I stem from a family of storytellers. My first camera was a red + black Polaroid 600 that was in our family for decades, and the photos it took are still hanging on my walls. ​Photos have always been a bridge in my life, connecting me to my own history and loved ones. I am passionate about capturing the stories of others so they may be treasured and passed on for generations. I love the way photos speak without words, and how they preserve story in an unparalleled way. I believe details are the hinges of the universe, and my photography is centered around that.

I photograph weddings, families, women's portraits, small businesses, and more. I have been expanding my small business photography and would love to work with you to capture the soul of your business and all the beautiful things you are bringing to the world. Most recently I worked with a local coffee shop, an eco-seamstress + calligrapher, and an apothecary & boutique in town. I am currently based out of Anacortes, WA after a big move from my home state of Colorado, and I am enjoying living + photographing by the sea for a while.


I love exploring, the ocean, quality time with my loved ones, and so much more. You can often find me in a big, orange VW bus that my husband and I fixed up and turned into a photo booth. If you're interested in photo booth services or a VW bus for your next photo sesh, visit our website here for more info.

I look forward to meeting you and creating together!


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Currently based in:

Anacortes, WA 98221

+ traveling anywhere

Tel: 970-819-6254


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"I love the way photos speak without words. The way they preserve story in an unparalleled way."

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